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All sales of tickets help support this award winning charity with preserving the unique mines and tunnels for future generations. 

Terms & Conditions - 45 Minute Underground Experience Tickets

UE1        Gift Aid your 45-minute Underground Experience trip and you can repeat the visit during normal operating times as often as you like for 12 months from the date of purchase. (subject to boats operating).

UE2        You must show a valid ticket to take a trip on the boat.

UE3        Tickets are non-transferrable - you may be asked for additional proof of identity. 

UE4        Tickets cannot be used for special events or trips other than the 45-minute Underground Experience. 

UE5        Children are recognised as being between the ages of 3-16yrs.

UE6        If DCTT cannot operate your trip we will offer you an alternative time or a refund.

UE7        Please leave plenty of time to get to us, our boats must leave on time. If you arrive late you may be refused access and we can refuse to refund or reschedule your trip.

UE8   Please follow the health and safety briefing. If you ignore this advice you may be refused access and we can refuse to refund or reschedule your trip.

Terms & Conditions - Christmas/Halloween Special Event Tickets

DCTT runs Special Events which are and only available for a limited period and subject to availability. By purchasing a Special Event Ticket, you agree to the terms set out in this clause SE1-SE10

SE1         The contents or programme of each Special Event and the prices are as quoted on our site from time to time. We reserve the right to reduce or alter the contents or programme of any Special Event at any time.

SE2         Normal admission tickets, including gift vouchers are not valid for Special Events. Special Event tickets are only valid for the specific time and date stated in your Booking Confirmation. We reserve the right to transfer the chosen and confirmed date to another date at any time or offer you an alternative date and will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible.

SE3         We reserve the right to alter or reschedule any Special Event purchased with or without notice for reasons beyond our control including but not limited to health and safety, staff shortages, adverse weather, or changes to our environment.

However, where altered, we will always endeavour to replace any purchased Special Event with a similar offer/value to that advertised. Please be aware that rescheduling may occur on the same day of your Special Event. We will endeavour to contact all ticket holders as soon as possible and keep our website and social media pages up to date. Please check these before you travel. We cannot be held liable for any travel, accommodation or other related costs or expenses if a Special Event is rescheduled or cancelled.

SE4         Once you have purchased a Special Event Ticket and have received Booking Confirmation please ensure you bring your ticket with you.

SE5         The description of each Special Event advertised on our site, including the duration is only an approximate guide as to what you should expect from the programme on the day and is subject to variation. This will be dependent on several factors including but not limited to availability of staff/performers, weather conditions, health and safety and the current availability of any complimentary items such as gifts and certificates.

SE6         You must arrive for the Special Event a minimum of 15 minutes before your pre-booked time. Should you arrive late, we reserve the right to refuse your entry to the Special Event without rescheduling or refund.

SE7         All Special Event Tickets purchased are non-exchangeable, non-refundable, and not for resale.

SE8         If you are unable to attend due to ill-health, changes in your circumstances, traffic delays or personal reasons we reserve the right to refuse rescheduling or refund.

SE9         Christmas presents will not be swapped or alternatives offered. 

SE10      Children for Special Events are recognised as being between the ages of 1-16 years. 

Terms & Conditions - Dining Boat/Gin Cruise

DC1        All tickets are pre-book only.

DC2        You must show a valid ticket to take a trip on the boat.

DC3        Tickets are non-transferrable - you may be asked for additional proof of identity. 

DC4        Please book your date and time slot carefully as we cannot guarantee this can be changed once booked. If we are asked to change there will be an additional charge of £1 per ticket for administration purposes.

DC5        If you cannot make your date and time slot DCTT will not refund or change your time slot.

DC6        A minimum of ten diners are required for this trip. If we do not reach this number DCTT reserves the right to cancel the trip and offer alternative dates.

DC7        If DCTT cancels your booking or cannot operate the trip we will endeavour to contact you and let you know and we will offer alternative dates. We are not liable for any other costs you incur.

DC8        We reserve the right to adapt/change the menu for a suitable alternative.

DC9        This is a pleasure trip any offensive, drunk or lewd behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the boat immediately. You will not be refunded for this trip.

DC10     Only food and drink purchased on the boat may be consumed.