Need to get out and enjoy some fresh air, do something different, have a great family day out and receive a free gift?  Then this is the trip for you.

Please note you do have to wear a mask on this trip so bring one with you. If you don't have one we do have masks for sale on site. 

Our Underground Cavern Trips are the ideal choice. In line with Covid19 Guidelines we have adapted our trips to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable trip which you can share with the whole family.  Covid 19 Safety Information

For July our trips are running Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Friday 10th July.

For August our trips are running everyday from Saturday 1st August.

Boats run every 30 minutes from 10:30 - 4pm. 

Jump on board and and discover a magical underground world which dates back 428 million years.

Enjoy sound and light shows, historic recreations and informative commentary delivered by your knowledgeable skipper. 

Learn about the material which was mined here and how it shaped the Industrial Revolution and advances in canal building. Marvel at how tropical sea-beds worked their way up through the earth to deposit amazing and unique fossils in our caverns.

Pop on your hard hat and mask and sit back and discover hidden worlds as you enter our tree lined basins, filled with wildlife, peace and quiet! 

To ensure your safety we have implemented a range of additional precautions and changes and our trips are now pre-bookable. 

To ensure we offer you the best value whilst implementing our new safety measures our pricing structure has changed as you now pay for a pod rather than individual tickets.

We believe we are are still one of the best priced attractions in the area and if you gift aid your ticket you can do the trip as many times as you like for twelve months. As an added incentive and because we recognise many families will want to now enjoy a bit more freedom and get out of the house we are offering the following 

Please note we have extended our offer - A free gift worth £3.99 for every child who takes a boat trip during August.  

You just need to claim this amazing offer when you turn up and take your trip. 

Tips to make your journey more enjoyable
  • The boats have been divided into pods which can sit between 1 adult and two adults and two children and all have the required social distance requirements - remember to bring a mask with you.
  • Gift aid your ticket and you can return as many times as you like for a whole year.
  • Bring your camera with you - a magical hidden world will be revealed.
  • The Gongoozle Coffee Shop will be serving a range of refreshments so don't rush off. 
  • Sit on our balcony and Gongoozle!!! (A gongoozler is someone who enjoys watching canal life)

So, what is is like to take a boat trip into caverns and tunnels that are hundreds of years old? Take a sneak peek with our video below and explore 428 million year old limestone, journey through tunnels handmade by thousands of Black Country folk from years gone by and be amazed by the awe-inspiring caverns that the industrial revolution left behind here. It's a boat trip like no other!

Trip boat coming out of a tunnel


Pod - 1 Person £9.50
Pod - 2 Persons £18
Pod - 3 Persons £26
Pod - 4 persons (2 adults & 2 Children)  £33

Each child will receive a free gift on arrival worth £3.99

Gift Aid your ticket and you can have as many trips underground as you like for the year. 

We offer discounts for visitors requiring an essential carer check out our prices page for details. 

If you have a gift vouchers, Blue Peter Badge or other concession - contact us and we can book the boat for you. 

Find out more in our access guide and on our group information page.

Press here to book a trip!

Wondering what to expect when you head underground?

Check out our FAQs page, or give us a call on 0121 557 6265. You can also email us at [email protected]